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Bodies By Tischa
Mission Statement 

     Here at Bodies By Tischa EMS HIIT-Fit Studio, it is my mission to provide each individual member and visitor of BBT with the highest quality of fitness training and wellness services for a total mind, body and soul reset & rebuild. As the owner of BBT, it is my personal  mission to pay it forward and assist every commited BBT member with all that I have accumulated over the past decade on my own journey to creating the best version of myself.  I've learned and gained a wealth of knowledge, in exercise fitness & diet, in professional athletic skills in mind/body focus and endurance, and in my personal experiance of transforming the human body both inside and out. Bodies By Tischa EMS HIIT-Fit Studio is more than your avarage fitness studio.  BBT is a safe space and place for all fitness levels and everyone on the gender spectrum.  



My Vision

       The comparison  picture on the right shows my development and creation of the best body that I ultimately envisioned for myself.  However, my vision is not to make you a duplicate copy of myself.  My vision  is to inspire and motivate you to create  the best version of yourself, by showing you how to become more comfortable outside of your comfort zone. and teaching you how to dig deep enough to discover the inner strength and power to create the body they want to see.


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