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6 ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Nowadays it is not so easy to stay motivated. But it is not impossible, check out these 6 ways to stay motivated and be ready to change your days!

1. Visualising the reward makes you feel motivated and empowered:

If you can think it you can achieve it. People often under estimate the true power of visualisation. However, it is one of the most important tools you can have in your tool box. When you visualise your goals it helps you to stay focused. When you are able to stay focused on the task at hand you slowly begin to see progress from all of your efforts. It's that very progress and achievement that brings the individual a sense of empowerment. It’s through that empowerment that a person can shift the power away from the outside world, where one can often feel powerless, to the inside where they feel they are more in control of what happens.

2. Set a realistic goal:

When you are starting out on your fitness journey it’s best to break up your ultimate goal into smaller attainable and reachable steps. When setting your goals they should be set so that they are just out of your reach, so they challenge you to grow as you reach forward to achieve them. The more you are able to achieve towards your goal the more motivated you will be to fully complete your journey to the end.

3. Tracking your workouts:

After setting up your goals, tracking your workouts allows you to set up a starting point. As you progress through your journey, It's from that starting point you will be able to determine your actual progress and if any changes need to be made with what you are doing. Consistent progress equals motivation to go harder and achieve more.

4. Making working out fun:

Working out might be a little painful at times but it doesn't have to be boring. You can be creative with your workouts to make them as exciting as you want them to be. For example you could take up an in person or online pole dancing class as a form of strength training and cardio. Or you could Team up with an exercise buddy to challenge each other in reaching your goals. Even changing your environment from indoors to outdoors can give you a whole new motivation and purpose to stick with your program.

5. Using social media:

Perhaps you don't know many people or have a training buddy. Using social media is an excellent way to meet like minded people that are on the same fitness journey as you. Sharing your goals, progress and achievements with others allows you to get unbiased feedback as well as encouragement to stay focused. When you are part of a bigger community you are less likely to give up when the journey become more challenging. Seeing others in the group reach their personal goals will inspire you to want to work hard to achieve your own.

6. Add strength training:

Strength training is not just for men or bodybuilders. A study published in 2018 found that older adults who did resistance training twice a week improved their exercise motivation after six months. Strength training not only builds muscles to support joints as you get older, but it also shaves years off of your live making you feel and look years younger. One other benefit to adding strength training to your program is that it expedites weight loss as well as helping to keep it off. The Reward of gaining a stronger, leaner, youthful body is motivating in its own right and the sense of achievement that comes with it is highly empowering.

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