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Tischa the Tigress

Hello Everyone!

     My name is Tischa Thomas AKA The Tigress, the owner and operator of my Bodies By Tischa.  I am an American expat from New York City and I've been living and working here in Berlin since 2019.  Before moving here to Germany, I was a professional  personal fitness trainer and an elite athlete in the sport of competitive  woman's bodybuilding for a total of ten years.

I recently retired in 2020 after ten years of professional competitive female bodybuilding ranking 3rd in the world with the IFBB organization. I currently work as a pro fitness trainer, and I've been in the personal training business now since 2010.  Bodies By Tischa is my newly established EMS HIIT-Fit studio located in the Prenzlauer Berg area. However, BBT is more than just an ordinary EMS fitness studio. It is a place and safe space that I created to work with every fitness level, and to welcome every person on the gender spectrum.

13 years ago when I weighed a whopping 137 Kg,  I had the audacity to envision the best body that I could create for myself, and backed up that vision with the  internal fortitude to believe that I could actually achieve my fitness goal.  It took me a total of 18 months to lose 68 Kg which was half of my total body weight when I started out on my body transformation journey back in 2009. 


The documentary, "I Am The Tigress", is a film that follows me on my journey and quest to clinch the first place title in the sport of professional bodybuilding. Simultaneously dealing with and overcoming the negative stereotypes, taboos and social norms that society dictates and places on woman to conform to the rules and ways of how a woman should look and behave, in order to be considered feminine and beautiful.  Is an insight on how the norm or masses.   

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