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Women in Bodysuit


Enter the BBT Woman's Weekend Warrior Bootcamp and not only work out your muscles, but work on your confidence and empower yourself to become the amazing woman you were born to be.


Many of us have felt unworthy, unattractive, unwanted, and weak at one point in our lives.


The BBT Woman's Weekend Warrior Bootcamp is a 10 Week training program made for all women who are ready to empower themselves and change their life to become the best version of themselves.

I want to reach as many woman as possible and help them unleash their power bringing success to their lives by starting with self-love and feeling strong in the inside and on the outside.  

     "I know what it means to feel hopeless. I know what it's like not to love yourself because of the body that you are in.  Back in 2009, I discovered an inner and outer strength that I had know Idea I possessed.  I found the power within to totally transform my body reaching my ultimate weight loss goal of 68kg in 18 months. Through my weight loss journey, I not only learned how to love myself, but I also discovered how strong I was both mentally and physically and how truly empowering that made me feel as a woman!!!

Tischa Thomas


No Pain, No Gain!!!

Mental power

     Whatever your fitness goals are, it will take more than just physical strength to obtain them.  In the BBT boot camp you will learn how to harness the power of your mind to help you to create the best body that you can envision for yourself. 

Physical power

The physique that I created was what I envisioned for myself.  Most females don't want so build so much mass, and there's no need to worry that you will do so at the boot camp.  However, you will need to lift a weight that is heavier than your cell phone if you want to see significant change in your body. Nothing that is worth it comes easy in life.  So put your warrior gear on and get ready to get down and sweaty!!!

Become A BBT Woman Warrior

Discover the power that lies within you!!!!



Become a BBT Woman Warrior in our 10 week  bootcamp training program.

Fitness Staff

Are you  ready to embrace the woman warrior in you???

     With the wealth of knowledge and personal experiance learned during my 68kg weight loss journey, and my 10 years as a professional elete athlete and personal trainer, I desinged and created the Womans Warrior Boot Camp training program. 

     I created the boot camp with the intention to teach, motivate, and inspire woman to have the courage to step outside of the bounderies set by society that discourages woman from embrassing and displaying their true mental and physical powers.  


What you get:

10 x onsite 1 hour group training sessions every Saturday.

10 x At home weekly Workout routines w/ instuctional videos via email.

2x 30 min online group training classes via Zoom (Tu & Thur) with time for Q&A afterwards.


Tischa Thomas


I offer a new lifestyle to help you gain or regain your confidence as the amazing woman that you are. Improve the main areas of your life: mentally, physically, and your female sexuality.

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